FortBoy is a text adventure game written during 7DRL 2022. It features procedurally generated worlds, and runs on the original Game Boy. Perfect for the dungeon crawler on-the-go!

Play in browser (mobile friendlier)

Running this rom on a proper emulator (or flashing it to a physical cartridge) is highly recommended. The browser preview that's included on this page does not support sound and lacks the charm of a real device :)


Your objective is to escape the fortress you find yourself trapped in. Navigate the different rooms in search for the exit, and find items that help you overcome the obstacles that block your path. And why not pick up some gold coins along the way?


  • D-pad to navigate the fortress in cardinal directions
  • A button to pick up items from the current room
  • B button to use items in your possession

If you are running the demo on this page, the keyboard keys X and Z map to buttons A and B, respectively.

Procedural Generation

The world is randomly generated, so you'll encounter different rooms, layouts, items and obstacles every time you play! Some playthroughs will be longer than others, so if things feel a bit too easy, try to play another round.

For completionists: there are 10 gold coins to collect in each of the 2048 possible fortresses.

Source on GitHub: tkers/fortboy


Download 32 kB

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